Field Trials - Finland

Underground extraction in Finland:

AIM: mineralogical knowledge.

The underground trials are related to tracking of mobile vehicles and personnel.

The Pyhäsalmi mine is an underground mine located in Pyhäjärvi, North Ostrobothnia. It is owned by Canadian First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Ore produced by the Pyhäjärvi mine is excavated at the depth of 1,050 to 1,410 m in the bedrock. The ore contains approximately 3% chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), 4% zinc blend (ZnS) and 66% pyrite (FeS2). Approximately 1.4 tonnes of ore is excavated and processed on an annual basis.


Automated sizing of stockpiles and active areas in operation:

Automated detection of active areas.

Vegetation condition monitoring:

Automated calculation of temperature indicators of waste dumps surface:

The four tailing ponds (A-D) cover a total area of approx. 150 –ha. The pond C is
currently a water storage pond, D is tailings pond, north part of B is tailings pond
and south part is a pyrite containing tailings pond. The pond A has been reclaimed

Expected outcomes: