People and partners

VTT Technical
Research Centre of
Finland Ltd:

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a state owned and controlled non-profit limited liability company established by law and operating under the ownership steering of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT is an RTO whose activities are focused on three areas: Carbon neutral solutions, Sustainable products and materials, and Digital technologies. VTT is impact-driven and takes advantage from its wide multitechnological knowledge base to strengthen Finnish and European industrial competitiveness. VTT can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders.

VTT is the Goldeneye project coordinator.

VTT Key persons:

Marko Paavola – Goldeneye coordinator,
Senior Scientist

Marko Paavola is the Coordinator Contact of the Goldeneye project. He is the Senior Researcher and Project Manager at VTT, and Adjunct Professor at University of Oulu, Finland. His research interests include optical measurements, data analysis, efficient signal processing as well as modelling and control of industrial systems. Marko has also industrial experience in software development.

Marko Savolainen – Project manager,
Senior Scientist

Marko Savolainen is the Project Manager of the Goldeneye project, and also leading the dissemination and communication work package and acting as a data management responsible person in the project. He has also been working on the hyperspectral imaging with drones in the project. His research interests include spectroscopy and machine learning related to data science.

Ismo Ruohomäki – Senior Scientist
My role in Goldeneye project is to support whole consortium in commercial exploitation, impact and innovation related activities. My special focus is to bring “customer and user lenses” to the development work and ensure that business related issues are considered well enough already in the development phase.
Mikhail Mekhrengin – Senior Scientist

I’m leading the development of active hyperspectral sensing technology for mining applications. This technology allows for remote mineral mapping from long distances under any ambient light conditions and unlocks the potential of real-time mineral mapping during Run-Of-Mine in surface and underground mining.

Francisco Senna Vieira – Research Scientist

I am creating methods for mineralogy mapping using the VTT active hyperspectral sensing technology. My focus is on the development of software based on various chemometric and machine learning techniques to address the problem of identification of mineral domains on rock surfaces, using hyperspectral data as input and in-house generated spectral libraries.

Jari Havisto – Research Scientist

I’m conducting Time-gated Raman spectroscopic measurements of the ore samples provided by partners. We will bring the measurement to the field by integrating the spectrometer into a van to provide fast, in-situ data to support the exploration use-cases.

Sami Siikanen – Research Scientist

I’m developing drone based hyperspectral imaging and multispectral imaging of mine tailing ponds in cooperation with Goldeneye project partners such as Radai Oy and Pyhäsalmi Mine. My focus is in planning and conducting industrial field trials and analyzing the optical measurement results achieved from the trials.

University of Oulu:

The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute and its multidisciplinary Regional Excellence (REx) research team contributes to science and development through focus on regional factors, mechanisms, and processes that enable dynamic growth and vitality as well as social, economic, and environmental sustainability of regions and enterprises. The REx research team has a strong knowledge of the reuse of underground facilities and is an active contributor in underground research. REx will host, facilitate, and support the design of underground-, open pit-, tailing pond-, and environment-related pilots and tests at the Pyhäsalmi mine. REx also contributes to the evaluation and scientific reporting of tested techniques and results.

University of Oulu key persons:

Ossi Kotavaara – Research director

Research director Ossi Kotavaara (PhD, Adjunct Professor) has principal research fields in geoinformatics and regional science. He has focused on spatial processes and regional development with quantitative spatial data, and new contributions include big data and global open data analyses. More precisely, the analytical basis of his work is in applying and developing GIS methods for exploring, planning, and optimizing processes and structures in local, regional, and continental geographic contexts. Ossi will support the consortium and field trials particularly through his knowledge in geoinformatics as well as geospatial data and modelling.

Jari Joutsenvaara – Project Manager

Project Manager Jari Joutsenvaara (MSc in physics) is preparing a doctoral dissertation that contributes to the communicative planning process of re-use of mines. He is currently project leader of the European Underground Laboratories Association (EUL) and has developed underground research infrastructures and facilitated physics experiments for over 12 years as a laboratory engineer under the University of Oulu. His work includes preparation, management, and research of projects related to underground laboratories, mine re-use, and radiation and particle physics. He has contributed to developing the safety of scientists and trainees working in re-use facilities and experiments since 2008. Jari supports the GoldenEye project as a trial and trial site coordinator.

Marko Holma – Economic Geologist

Marko Holma (MSc) is an Economic Geologist who graduated from the University of Oulu in 2001. Marko has a background in the mining industry, but currently works part-time as a Senior Researcher for the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute. He is also CEO and one of the founders of Muon Solutions Ltd, a Finnish company that develops innovative mineral exploration technology based on the detection of secondary cosmic-ray induced atmospheric muon particles for the density characterization of large scale solid objects (not affiliated with GoldenEye-project). In the GoldenEye project, Marko aids project partners in issues related to geology and mining industry

Julia Puputti – Project Engineer

Project Engineer Julia Puputti (BSc) has 6 years of experience working in a challenging industrial and underground environment at the Pyhäsalmi Mine, first as an electrician and currently as the Lead Mill Automation Technician. She completed her BSc in physics at the University of Oulu in 2020 and is now preparing her MSc in facilitating scientific tests at underground laboratories. Julia has been working part-time for the REx team’s Callio Lab projects since 2018. Julia will be on-site, facilitating GoldenEye field trials and experiments conducted at the Pyhäsalmi Mine.

Sinergise d.o.o. (SIN):

Sinergise is a SME from Slovenia with extensive expertise in developing advanced geospatial information systems based on web technology. It has experts in the field of user needs and system design, software development, database administration and system infrastructure. Sinergise has successfully completed several projects involving spatial data capture and spatial data analysis for customers in Europe and Africa.

Their products can be grouped in agriculture, real estate and cloud GIS. Agriculture-related systems include those covering Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) legislation (LPIS – land parcel identification system, on-the-spot controls, control with remote sensing, rural development, etc.). Real-estate management deals with land administration, cadastre, deeds (land titles and mortgages) and computer aided mass appraisal (CAMA). Cloud GIS solutions include Geopedia, crowd-sourcing platform, and Sentinel Hub, award winning satellite imagery archiving, processing and distribution service, which powers several earth observation applications in Europe, Africa, US and Australia and at this moment processes two million requests per week, crunching more than quadrillion satellite imagery pixels from Sentinel, Landsat, Planet, RapidEye and other missions.

Sinergise key persons:

Grega Milcinski – General Manager

I am leading the Sinergise contribution and supporting the consortium’s work by providing on-the-fly cloud-based satellite imagery to the Goldeneye platform using Sentinel Hub services.

Mariza Pertovt – CEO

I am supporting the Sinergise activities within the Goldeneye project. My role is to coordinate the administrative activities of Sinergise. Within the consortium, I am mainly contributing to the dissemination activities and the exploitation strategy work packages.

Sentinel Hub GmbH (SH):

Sentinel Hub GmbH is a Graz-based startup and graduate of the ESA BIC Austria programme that operates in the field of EO. The company was founded in 2016 after the satellite image processing service Sentinel Hub won the Copernicus Masters Award. Geographers, developers and remote sensing engineers from five different countries make up the diverse team, which focuses on developing value-added services and providing actionable information from satellite imagery. By combining various technical backgrounds, they are able to produce tailored solutions for a wide range of applications in environmental monitoring, disaster relief and land management, to name a few.

Sentinel Hub key persons:

Maxim Lamare – Remote Sensing engineer

I am leading the SH contribution, which consists in ensuring the delivery of satellite data and inter-operability of the Euro Data Cube and the Goldeneye platforms. My role is to support OPT in the integration of various Earth Observations platforms and provide assistance in the use of Sentinel Hub APIs.

Max Kampen – Remote Sensing engineer

I am contributing to the SH activities. My main roles are supporting the activities in the data-fusion work package and managing dissemination and communication for SH. I am also supporting development work in the Euro Data Cube for better compatibility with the Goldeneye platform.


Radai is a Finnish company which is specialized in drone-based surveys. The company’s in-house developed sensors and drone systems offer a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to mineral explorations than traditional exploration methods. In its efforts to deliver the best quality products to its customers, the company allocates significant resources to improving its service offering and developing new products. Therefore, Radai has a research and development approach, with more than ¼ of its workforce being involved in R&D efforts. Participation in the Goldeneye project allows the company to further develop, refine, and test its sensors and drone systems in various environments.

Radai key persons:

Ari Saartenoja – CEO and Founder

Ari has over 5 years of experience as a CEO of Radai Ltd, and over 20 years of experience in project management, customer service, technical development, and team management. Ari has an inquisitive spirit that makes him push boundaries and seek continuous improvements. Since establishing Radai Oy, he has been developing new innovative geophysical survey systems for drones since 2012. He graduated from the University of Oulu in 1998, and has a major in Applied Mathematics.

Markku Pirttijärvi – Chief Geophysicist, PhD (Geophysics)

Markku has an academic background in numerical modelling and inversion and software development. He is specialized in potential (gravity and magnetic) field and electromagnetic (controlled source frequency and time-domain) methods. He has designed data processing and UAV flight path software for Radai and, presently, he is developing the new UAV-based EM survey system.


Sitemark (previously know as DroneGrid) is a technology company working on automating and deploying industrial drone solutions used for inspection and monitoring of assets within various industries, including renewable energies, construction and mining.
Mining operators use the Sitemark platform as a single point of access to manage and track materials across several sites. With survey-grade aerial topographic data, they can accurately define volumes for stockpiles, blasting, cutting, planning routes, ensuring compliance to safety standards and other site operations. The collected data is used to calculate volumes, manage materials, create inventory reports, perform field measurements and validate or update mine engineering design plans against reality.

Sitemark key persons:

Sophie Sandor – Data Processing & Analytics Engineer / Certified Thermographer

Sophie is an internationally experienced, passionate geoscientist with interdisciplinary technical background across geophysical acquisition and Global Navigation Satellite System techniques. She gained experience from offshore seismic image data processing mapping the ocean’s underground in the Oil&Gas industry to magnetometer data acquisition in the search and recovery of UneXploded Ordnance. After that she decide to join the processing and data analysis the at Sitemark covering airborne visual and infrared imagery.

Marketa Raym – Customer Operations & Hardware Expert

After having gained crucial skills having worked as a project coordinator and event manager at the EU, Marketa joined Sitemark to tackle the challenges in coordinating and planning drone flights. She works with Sitemark’s global pilot network on a daily basis to ensure high quality delivery of each inspection. Being one of the most senior employees at Sitemark, she also covers the role of Hardware Expert to lead the integration of new hardware in the Sitemark platform.

Rugen Heidbuchel – Product Manager

Rugen graduated with a Master’s degree in AI from the Computer Science program at KUL. He initially joined Sitemark as a full-stack engineer, working on front-end applications (including the pilot app used for flight planning), backend systems and AI solutions for automated data processing. Following his passions for problem solving and solution design, he transitioned towards the product team and soon ended up leading the product roadmap for the company.


OPT/NET builds comprehensive AI products based on decades of hardcore critical industry experience. Having served and protected the networks of clients all over the globe, the OPT/NET team was specially suited to develop a series of advanced AI products capable of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data and complexity. Initially serving as a tool for its own telecom consulting practice, the OPT/NET AI engine has grown into a series of stand-alone platforms with unlimited potential across a variety of critical and data-intensive industries. From telecom networks to disaster zones. From farmlands to the open ocean. From analysing log lines to multispectral satellite imagery. Our approach remains the same: forge real meaningful partnerships with our customers to empower them towards achieving more with their data.

OPT/NET key persons:

Taras MatselyukhCEO and CTO

Taras is the Founder, CEO and CTO of OPT/NET BV, a passionate inventor & deep tech subject matter expert with a background in quantum physics, radio electronics and economics. Within the Goldeneye project, Taras is the technical lead within the consortium as well as the Work Package 2 leader for Satellite Data Acquisition & Processing.

Seva MatselyukhCCO

Seva is a Co-founder of OPT/NET taking the role of CCO (Chief Commercial Officer). Seva has an academic background in Finance. He has spent his professional career working in sales with a focus on software, where he builds and executes comprehensive sales strategies. Seva is a several-time founder.

Francisco Gutierres

Francisco Gutierres joined OPT/NET B.V as a GIS Data Analyst in 2020. He has been involved in GIS-based analyses and developing customized GeoAI solutions for the Mining sector, Raw materials, Emergency systems (flood detection and Illegal fishing) and Environmental monitoring. He is currently the GIS Product Owner for OPT/NET B.V, assisting the development of the interactive AI application for the H2020 GOLDENEYE project, which integrates Earth Observation Data (EOD), Drone, Proximal sensing and in-situ data, which serves deformation, vegetation, soil moisture, mineral and geological maps, and provides an AI analysis tool for mining planners. Francisco also provides GIS analysis and AI algorithms implementation for the H2020 CENTURION project. This support includes automation of processes, creation of customized AI tools and workflows considering Earth observation analysis-ready data (ARD), being developed in use cases related to ARD generation; Agricultural weather index configurator; Maritime Spatial Planning (shipping dynamics); Real Time monitoring of the forest dynamics; and Flood zone mapping. More recently, he started to participate in the H2020 AGEMERA project at the level of data fusion and AI processing in the Raw Material sector.

Timegate Instruments:

TGI will customize their time-gated Raman spectrometer so that it can be integrated to a surface drilling unit manufactured by SMC. The work includes analysing how to measure mineral mixtures flying at high speed in the dust suppression hoses, how to shield the equipment from dust and moisture, and how to make the equipment robust against temperature variations, mechanical shocks and vibration.

Timegate Instruments key persons:

Bryan Heilala

I am Bryan Heilala, a chemist with a background in analytical chemistry and atomic emission spectroscopy. I am working as an application specialist and I have been focusing on time-gated Raman spectroscopy applications since 2016. My role in this project is to design and perform measurements of the field site samples both in the laboratory and in the field. I also take part in the result analysis and reporting.

Lauri Kurki

I am Lauri Kurki, a physicist with background in theoretical physics and optical spectroscopy. I am a co-founder of Timegate Instruments Oy and have focused on time-gated Raman spectroscopy since 2013. My role in this project is to develop the technical basis to the measurements and spectral data analysis of the mineral mixtures that are composed of particles coming in various sizes, shapes, and compositions. I also create algorithms and user-interfaces for pre-processing the time-resolved spectral data


AKG is established in 2018 with headquarters in Pristina, Kosovo. It specializes in the mining, renewable energy, environmental impact, measurement engineering and GIS sectors.
AKG has carried out many projects in the part of mines within Kosovo, has led the engineering works of the two largest international renewable energy projects in Kosovo, has conducted many environmental studies and geological studies for different areas.
AKG is part of the consortium of companies that are part of the Goldeneye project (platform) funded by the EU, which covers 7 Tailing Dumps that the project develops within Kosovo.

AKG key persons:

Korab Tmava – CEO & Team Leader Goldeneye, GIS Specialist & Surveying engineer

Since 2011 he has started working in the sector of cadastral and geodesy. During his professional development in 2015, he started working in the parts of Information Systems with special emphasis on GIS.

His role in the GoldenEye project is to lead the AKG team in all WPs, to coordinate and monitor the work of the experts involved. He also leads the GIS team within which he manages the work of UAV data, Measurements during geological sampling and other geodetic works, in Kosovo.

Dr. Aa. Azem Rexhaj – Senior Scientist

Azem Rexhaj is a regular lecturer at the University of Business and Technology in the MBA Faculty. He has served in different positions in the mining regulatory – ICMM (independent Commission for Mines and Minerals) such as Head of Finance Department, Chief Executive, and Board member. He has served as project manager for various international organizations and government agencies in Kosovo and has extensive experience in the private corporate and public-private partnership sector. Furthermore, he did his Ph.D. studies in Management and Informatics with Theses Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources in transition countries – with particular emphasis on the Republic of Kosovo.

His role in the Goldeneye project is as deputy team leads for the AKG at Goldeneye and Head of the Economical Legal Section. As deputy team leads, he coordinates the activities of the internal experts and coordinates with the Goldeneye partners. He leads the economical evaluation of the tailing dumps, as well he leads the legal evaluation for the waste and tailing treatment related to the Trepca tailing dumps which are part of the Goldeneye project.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Tmava – Head of the department of Geology

He has over 30 years of experience as a university professor in the Department of Geology. During this time he worked in parallel and in several positions in the Trepca Mine, he have also managed the institution for issuing and controlling mining licenses within Kosovo. He has served in the mining regulatory – ICMM (independent Commission for Mines and Minerals) such as chairman of the board.

His role in Goldeneye project is to support the whole consortium in mining activities, my special focus is to lead the Geological team at AKG, during the analysis and geological description of laboratory data for mineral mapping and ore deposits prospecting and evaluation.

Prof.Asoc.Dr.Sc. Kemajl Zeqiri – Expert in Department of Mining Engineering

Experienced in Mining Engineering, Environmental Protection, Energy and Project Management. Mr Zeqiri is used to working in the field of the mining industry, developing the mining and energy policies as well as mining licensing (mining regulatory framework). He has published a book on mining tailing management and several scientific and conference papers, related to mining engineering.

His role in Goldeneye is expert on managing the evaluation process of the mining tailings; based upon economic potential (metal recovery/chemical analyses), investigation of geotechnical stability and environmental and social issues.

Prof.Ass.Festim Kutllovci – Expert in Department of Geology

Mr. Kutllovci is engaged as a regular lecturer at the Politecnic University Isa Boletini in Mitrovica and is Head of the Geological Department. He served as Board Member of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals for a mandate.

His role in the Goldeneye project is as a Geological expert working to analyse the historical exploration of the Trepce tailing dumps and analyse the results from the exploration work done for the Goldeneye project.

Sami Duraku – GIS expert

Since 2002 he has been engaged in the ICMM as Head of the IT / GIS Department. Since September 2007/8, he is engaged at AUK (American University in Kosovo) initially assisting professors in the CENR (Center for Energy and Natural Resources) department. Later was hired as a consultant for the development of IT systems and Information Systems in many countries of the world such as Albany Albania, Northern Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, and others.

His role at GoldenEye is to assist in the processing of GIS data (measurements, drone data, geological maps, soil maps, soil analysis, water analysis, air quality, etc) as staff of AKG.

DARES Technology:

DARES is the worldwide leader in providing ground deformation measurements and services for the mining industry from satellite RADAR technology. DARES’ headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain, with offices in multiple global locations.

DARES Technology key persons:

Rafael Calvo

Rafael Calvo Huerga. MSc. Civil Engineer, specialist in Geotechnical Engineering with over 20 years’ experience. Currently Commercial Manager of DARES TECHNOLOGY.

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy:

Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group offering products and services that enhance customer productivity, profitability and safety. Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is a business area within the Sandvik Group and a global leading supplier of equipment and tools, parts, service, digital solutions and sustainability-driving technologies for the mining and construction industries.

In Golden Eye project Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions ( one of the three Sadvik´s business areas) will provide in depth know how on mining machinery and particularly integration of TimeGate Oy Raman analyser directly to the surface production drilling. Development and testing will be done in multiple stages starting from laboratory testing at Sandvik Tampere test mine and finally proof of concept with full-scale field testing with Sandvik DP1500i drilling unit. Target is to have world first on-line, on-board Raman analyser.

Sandvik key persons:

Maunu Mänttäri

Maunu graduated from Technical University of Helsinki 1993 from department of Materials Science and Rock Engineering. He graduated as Lic. in Tech in Rock Engineering in 1997. He has been working for Sandvik Mining and Construction for 23 years in various positions covering research, product management and product development. Currently Mr Mänttäri is working for research department as project manager for technology projects and also responsible for the development of the test mine.
My role in Golden Eye is leading WP4 and managing Sandvik development and co-operation with TimeGate.

Sirpa Launis

Sirpa graduated as MSc in mechanical engineering 1999, specializing in machine dynamics. Her MSc thesis was awarded the best of the year in Finland by TEK an TFiF. She has now over 20 years’ experience in various stages of R&D with non-road mobile machinery and pulp & paper global manufacturers, employed e.g. by VTT, Valmet and John Deere. She has been main author of 10 and co-author of 27 international conference papers and peer reviewed publications, and has successfully brought new technologies and engineering methods for heavy equipment building. Since 2013 she has been working at Sandvik Mining and Construction as research manager responsible of research and higher risk technology development for drilling and other hard rock interfacing systems.

My role in Golden Eye project is to participate in specifying the technology requirements, guiding the research and solutions development, and ensuring the resources at Sandvik for the project use.

Timo Setälä

Timo did his MSc in mechanical engineering in Tampere University of Technology in 2002. He joined Sandvik in 2012, and has also worked in as Research Engineer at Patria, Finland. His work includes planning of different prototype and testing equipments, testing, measurements and data-analysis. He is also en expert in multibody and hydraulic simulations.
My role Goldeneye is mechanical interface between different systems, specially controlling typical operational mechanical excitations for sensitive equipment and some field testing.

Foreign Company EOS Ukraine:

EOS Ukraine is a provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics. The company operates worldwide, partnering with governmental, commercial, and scientific organizations.

The scope of the company’s technologies embraces Earth observation solutions for smart decision-making in 22 industries including agriculture and forestry combining satellite data, AI, and proprietary algorithms to provide timely analysis of farmlands and forest areas with a main mission to preserve our planet. With this, EOS reveals the emerging challenges of the planet beforehand.

EOS key persons:

Nataliia Borotkanych – Project Coordinator

As a Project Coordinator I assist the EOS activities within the Goldeneye project and coordinate the administrative activities of EOS. My main responsibilities include supporting communication and dissemination activities, as well as the exploitation strategy work packages.

Olena Kavats – Senior Data Scientist

My main role in the Goldeneye project is the coordination of automated methods development for processing heterogeneous data with subsequent monitoring of mining areas. My research interests are development of new methods/technologies and adaptation to applied problems.

Kateryna Sergieieva – Senior Scientist

I conduct research and develops methods for multispectral and SAR image processing. I am leading the development of mining areas monitoring approaches focusing on machine learning and time series data analysis to solve sustainable development and environmental monitoring tasks.

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (SU):

The University has 16 faculties, where over 21,000 students receive their education. The Faculty of Geology and Geography has about 1150 students in 5 degree programes: Geology, Geology and exploration of natural resources, Geography, Tourism and Regional Development and Politics. The Department of Mineralogy, Petrology & Economic Geology provides training and research in accordance with the international good practice and mining standards to students in the field of mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry, economic geology and mineral deposit exploration.

Sofia University key persons:

Kamen Bogdanov – Scientific manager, Professor

I am leading both the Sofia University contribution as well as the project coordination of work in WP6 Field trials & Evaluation. My role is to coordinate the field trials and scientific development of the Goldeneye project. My research interests’ range in mineral deposits with focus on Cu-porphyry and Au-epithermal systems and development of new remote sensing solutions for mineral mapping, ore deposits prospecting and evaluation.

Tsveta Stanimirova – Associate Professor

My role in Goldeneye project is to support the mineral mapping and XRD detection. I’m leading the development of XRD petrography and mineral alteration assemblages detection applications to improve the mineral prospecting and evaluation.

Ivan Krumov – PhD student

I’m leading the development 3D modelling of mineral deposits and mining applications. Integration of mineral deposit models with remote sensing technology, exploration field work and alteration mineralogy detection will significantly improve the real-time mapping and will develop new solutions for mineral prospecting.

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN):

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, an “Advanced Research and Education University” as awarded with the Order of the Ministry of National Education no 5262/September 5th 2011, is today a tertiary educational institution having both tradition and national and international recognition.

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca comprises twelve faculties in the two academic centres, Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare, as well as in locations, such as Alba-Iulia, Bistrita, Satu Mare and Zalau. The fields of study have a wide range, from engineering to architecture, fundamental sciences, sociohuman sciences and arts. Also, within the Technical University, The Department of Mineral Resources, Materials and Environment Engineering consists of a group of Mining Engineering, specialized in mining and environment.

UTCN key persons:

Dorel Gusat

Dorel Gusat (M), Assist. Prof. dr. ing. and Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering of the North University of Center of Baia Mare. He is an engineer in mining exploitation and he holds a PhD in geomechanics and numerical computing at Freiberg Academy of Mining, Germany. His work spread over 13 international projects, in Romania, Germany, China, Bosnia, Switzerland. He has over 40 publications and is a ANRM technical expert.n.

Ioan Bud

Ioan Bud (M), Prof. dr. ing., Expert Engineer. He is a professor at the Faculty of Mineral Resources and Environment of the North University of Center of Baia Mare. He specialized in mining security and environment at National Mining School from Ales, France. He is an expert consultant in mining safety, geotechnical mining, geological hazards, mining closure and physical and technical stability of tailing dams. He has over 50 publications and is an ANRM technical expert.

Beak Consultants GmbH

Beak Consultants GmbH is a modern consulting company with a focus on the raw materials sector, environmental & geosciences, GIS/ cartography and software development. We offer our clients from both the private and public sectors, a broad range of planning, research and development services in the spheres of geosciences, environment and information technology. Our committed staff of geologists, chemists, process engineers, soil scientists, surveyors, geochemists, hydrogeologists, ecologists, landscape designers, computer scientists, mathematicians and cartographers work hand in hand towards the development of innovative solutions to the problems of our partners.

Our multidisciplinary professional team is equipped to tackle the most challenging problems and has extensive knowledge and experience from consulting projects in Germany, the EU, Africa and overseas, having completed successful projects in over 30 countries. We offer to our clients competent support in mineralogical and environmental spatial mapping with all steps of the capture and processing of complex data including the implementation of spatial databases.

BEAK key persons:

Andreas Knobloch

Andreas is leading the BEAK development in the Goldeneye-project. He is a geology expert with Master of Science in Geology & Palaeontology from TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA. His expertise areas include Mineral Predictive Mapping, Geo-hazard Predictive Mapping, Hydrogeological Modelling, Geochemical Stream Sediment Prospection, GIS and Remote Sensing.

Delira Hanelli

Delira is a geology expert with Master of Science in Geodesy and Geoinformatics from Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. Her expertise areas include land cover mapping and change detection using optical and radar satellite imagery, monitoring of artisanal and small-medium scale mining activities using medium- to high-resolution remote sensing data, assessment of environmental impacts in mining landscapes and AI
data processing.

Martin Köhler

Martin is a geology expert with Bachelor of Science in Geology from University of Greifswald, Germany and Master of Science in Economic Geology from TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. His expertise areas include mineral predictive mapping, data processing, prospecting & exploration, sediment provenances and heavy mineral sands, geochronology (LA-ICP-MS, OSL), landscape reconstruction, and climate and sea level change analysis.

CupruMin SA Abrud:

CupruMin SA Abrud is a company based in Abrud, Alba County, Romania specialised in the production of copper and copper ore. The company owns and operates the Roşia Poieni copper mine which represents the largest copper reserve in Romania and the second largest in Europe. CupruMin produces around 1.33 million tonnes of copper ore grading 0.36% copper per year from which 4,800 tonnes of copper metal is extracted. The Roşia Poieni copper mine deposit is estimated at 900,000 tons (60% of the copper Romania reserve), which allows to continue the exploitation for at least 20 years.

The company was formally created in 2002, when CN MINVEST Deva decided to outsource the Avram Iancu Branch and to transform it into an independent trading company which made the new company the legal successor to the Roşia Poieni Copper Mining Combinator, established in 1977. CUP is under the control of the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Geology.

Galileo Satellite Navigation Ltd

Galileo Satellite Navigation Ltd or GalNav an Israeli company which is specialized in GNSS– it has developed unique and ground-breaking solutions in GNSS field. A. GPS software receiver, small & inexpensive. B. High performance and flexible GNSS simulators. C. Indoor turn-by-turn GPS navigation.  By combining these capabilities, a variety of unique and high-performance solutions can be achieved.

GalNav InDoor (patented) system transmit standard GNSS signals indoor to deliver low-cost and highly accurate indoor positioning for humans, machines, and various assets enabling positioning – fully synchronized to the external GNSS system – to an unlimited number of receivers.

GPS/GNSS software receiver has low resources requirements, e.g., memory and CPU – resulting in low power usage. The GalNav receiver is optimized various DSPs, showing remarkable performance.

Galileo Satellite navigation key persons:

Eli Ariel, Founder & CEO

Lead Israel’s technology aspects within Europe’s Galileo constellation program. An experienced GPS expert as of 1985 while leading Tadiran Telecommunication GPS activities.

Managed two Israeli/European consortia – iGalileo and GREATS and managed several R&D activities from concept through the design to building the production line. Served as programs evaluator at the Office of the Chief Scientist [OCS] in the Ministry of Economy and as a delegate of Israel at the EU fourth framework program.

Sergei Tomilin, R&D Manager

20+ years of experience in software & firmware development for real-time embedded & related systems. Extensive knowledge dealing with GNSS receivers, GNSS simulators and GNSS indoor navigation.

Mike Juhn, VP Business

20+ years of experience in marketing and business.