Meet some of the key persons making GoldenEye project to succeed:


Ismo Ruohomäki

My role in Goldeneye project is to support whole consortium in commercial exploitation, impact and innovation related activities. My special  focus is to bring “customer and user lenses” to the development work and ensure that business related  issues are considered well enough already in the development phase. 

University of Oulu

The University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute and its multidisciplinary Regional Excellence (REx) research team contributes to science and development through focus on regional factors, mechanisms, and processes that enable dynamic growth and vitality as well as social, economic, and environmental sustainability of regions and enterprises. The REx research team has a strong knowledge of the reuse of underground facilities and is an active contributor in underground research. REx will host, facilitate, and support the design of underground-, open pit-, tailing pond-, and environment-related pilots and tests at the Pyhäsalmi mine. REx also contributes to the evaluation and scientific reporting of tested techniques and results.

Research director Ossi Kotavaara (PhD, Adjunct Professor) has principal research fields in geoinformatics and regional science. He has focused on spatial processes and regional development with quantitative spatial data, and new contributions include big data and global open data analyses. More precisely, the analytical basis of his work is in applying and developing GIS methods for exploring, planning, and optimizing processes and structures in local, regional, and continental geographic contexts. Ossi will support the consortium and field trials particularly through his knowledge in geoinformatics as well as geospatial data and modelling.

Project Manager Jari Joutsenvaara (MSc in physics) is preparing a doctoral dissertation that contributes to the communicative planning process of re-use of mines. He is currently project leader of the European Underground Laboratories Association (EUL) and has developed underground research infrastructures and facilitated physics experiments for over 12 years as a laboratory engineer under the University of Oulu. His work includes preparation, management, and research of projects related to underground laboratories, mine re-use, and radiation and particle physics. He has contributed to developing the safety of scientists and trainees working in re-use facilities and experiments since 2008. Jari supports the GoldenEye project as a trial and trial site coordinator.

Marko Holma (MSc) is an Economic Geologist who graduated from the University of Oulu in 2001. Marko has a background in the mining industry, but currently works part-time as a Senior Researcher for the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute. He is also CEO and one of the founders of Muon Solutions Ltd, a Finnish company that develops innovative mineral exploration technology based on the detection of secondary cosmic-ray induced atmospheric muon particles for the density characterization of large scale solid objects (not affiliated with GoldenEye-project). In the GoldenEye project, Marko aids project partners in issues related to geology and mining industry.

Project Engineer Julia Puputti (BSc) has 6 years of experience working in a challenging industrial and underground environment at the Pyhäsalmi Mine, first as an electrician and currently as the Lead Mill Automation Technician. She completed her BSc in physics at the University of Oulu in 2020 and is now preparing her MSc in facilitating scientific tests at underground laboratories.  Julia has been working part-time for the REx team’s Callio Lab projects since 2018. Julia will be on-site, facilitating GoldenEye field trials and experiments conducted at the Pyhäsalmi Mine.


Grega Milcinski, co-founder and CEO of Sinergise Laboratory for geographical information systems LTD, has been leading software development teams for more than 15 years. In the past, he successfully held the roles of consultant, project manager, business analyst and architect of land administration systems in Europe and Africa. Alongside a BSc. in Physics and additional general management programme education, he builds on a vast experience in problem-solving and managerial skills to benefit the company’s customers. In the Goldeneye project, Grega Milcinski is coordinating Sinergise’s activities relevant to WP2 (satellite data acquisition & processing) and WP5 (data fusion & operational applications).

Sentinel Hub

Maxim Lamare is a data scientist with a strong background in optical Remote Sensing. His past experience in Academia has allowed him to build a good understanding of satellite sensor calibration and validation, as well as knowledge in the development of algorithms for the retrieval of surface physical properties from space-borne sensors. In his position at Sentinel Hub GmbH, he focuses on tailoring Sentinel Hub’s technologies to users’ applications. In the Goldeneye project, Maxim Lamare is coordinating the technical implementation of the Sentinel Hub services, ensuring that satellite data is seamlessly delivered to the GoldenAI platform.


Ari Saartenoja has over 4 years experience as a CEO of Radai Ltd, and over 20 years experience project management, customer service, technical development and team management. Ari is a founder of Radai company. He has been developing new innovative geophysical survey systems for drones since 2012. He graduated from the University of Oulu in 1998, and has a major in Applied Mathematics.

Arto Karinen has 4 year experience as CTO, over 8 years experience in university research including geophysics and electromagnetic study of the Earth’s magnetosphere. Arto has developed several different environmental monitoring systems including geophysical instruments, modelling and data processing softwares. He is also founder of Radai company.

Markku Pirttijärvi has academic background in numerical modelling and inversion and software development. He is specialized in potential (gravity and magnetic) field and electromagnetic (controlled source frequency and time-domain) methods. He has designed data processing and UAV flight path software for Radai and, presently, he is developing the new UAV based EM survey system.



Alfonso Sobrecueva is an Industrial Engineer, after working on quality standard audits (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) he moved to Belgium where he started working as a Junior Data Engineer in Sitemark, then he moved to the position of Project Officer in Sitemark where he is in charge of the coordination of the strategical projects of the company. Inside of Goldeneye Alfonso is the work Package leader of WP3 : Drone Data Acquisition and Processing.


OPT/NET B.V. is a team that builds comprehensive AI products based on decades of hardcore critical industry experience. Having served and protected the networks of clients all over the globe, the OPT/NET team was specially suited to develop a series of advanced AI products capable of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data and complexity. Initially serving as a tool for our own telecom consulting practice, the OPT/NET AI engine has grown into a series of stand-alone platforms with unlimited potential across a variety of critical and data-intensive industries. OPT/NET will help deliver the GoldenAI platform – which will automatically fuse and analyse all satellite, drone and in-situ data from the consortium partners. This will enable the mining industry and governments to analyze the full life cycle of a mine in near real-time.

Taras is the Founder, CEO and CTO of OPT/NET BV, a passionate inventor & deep tech subject matter expert with a background in quantum physics, radio electronics and economics. Within the Goldeneye project, Taras is the technical lead within the consortium as well as the Work Package 2 leader for Satellite Data Acquisition & Processing.

Jan is the Co-Founder and COO of OPT/NET BV., and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Jan has more than 25 years of experience in general management and international business with vendors active in IT. As part of the Goldeneye project, Jan is responsible for Work Package 8, the Exploitation & Scaling Up of the Goldeneye services.

Timegate Instruments

TGI will customize their time-gated Raman spectrometer so that it can be integrated to a surface drilling unit manufactured by SMC. The work includes analysing how to measure mineral mixtures flying at high speed in the dust suppression hoses, how to shield the equipment from dust and moisture, and how to make the equipment robust against temperature variations, mechanical shocks and vibration.

I am Bryan Heilala, a chemist with a background in analytical chemistry and atomic emission spectroscopy. I am working as an application specialist and I have been focusing on time-gated Raman spectroscopy applications since 2016. My role in this project is to design and perform measurements of the field site samples both in the laboratory and in the field. I also take part in the result analysis. 

I am Lauri Kurki, a physicist with background in theoretical physics and optical spectroscopy. I am a co-founder of Timegate Instruments Oy and have focused on time-gated Raman spectroscopy since 2013. My role in this project is to develop the technical basis to the measurements and spectral data analysis of the mineral mixtures that are composed of particles coming in various sizes, shapes, and compositions. I also create algorithms and user-interfaces for pre-processing the time-resolved spectral data.